City of Heavenly Fire


Oh my gosh, guys!! First of all, I would like to apologize for such a long break between my first couple of posts and this one. Between losing my internet for awhile and exams and such, I just haven’t been able to read much, let alone post anything.

Second: I’m pretty sure by now that most of you know that City of Heavenly Fire, the sixth and final book in the Mortal Instruments series by the wonderful Cassandra Clare, was released on May 27th. After a two year wait for this book, the question is: was it worth it?

I would definitely have to say YES! I was in the bookstore as soon as it opened on the 27th, purchased the brick of a book (it’s huge, guys) and drove home with it, barely managing to keep within traffic laws in my excitement.  And once I got home, I read. Without going into spoilers, which I will post under a ‘read more’ tag later on, I have to say that I was a little wary about this book. I’ve loved all of Cassie’s other books, and knew that I would love this one, but two years is a long time for hype to build up. I had extremely high expectations for this book, and I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t live up to them.

It did. Cassie, you’ve pulled through again.

I’m not sure I’ve ever sat through such a large book in one sitting before, but I did with CoHF. And it was so worth it.

(Mild?) Spoilers under the tag.


The first thing I would like to mention is Alec Lightwood. I know a lot of people had problems with Alec, but I personally have loved him from the first book. So for me, one of the greatest joys of CoHF was watching him grow into himself and into the man that all Alec Lightwood lovers always knew he could be.  And his sass in this book, sweet lord! There is no denying anymore that Alec Lightwood is not your bitch (unless, perhaps, you’re Magnus Bane.)

No but in all honesty, it’s been almost a month and I’m still not sure how I want to talk about this book. It was beautiful, and painful, and funny, and sad. Basically, it was everything we’ve come to expect out of a Cassandra Clare story.



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